Social media and me

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Social media has became my  best friend, through social media, I have found internships while in school, my mentor and have developed friendships. The possibilities of who you can meet and what you will learn on social platforms are endless, why not take advantage of it to advance your career? Although I love social media now, like others I had to be persuaded to join the new wave. I am in my early twenties so it is safe for me to say the first internet connection I  used was AOL instant messenger or known to most as “Aim”. Cell phones were not as popular in my house during the late 90’s or the early 2000, my time was limited on the house phone, so I would connect with my friends on Aim. While social platforms like Black Planet and Sconex were being used heavily used around me, I was not influenced by the two. I was comfortable on Aim.

While in high school  Myspace became the site to be on, all my friends and family had MySpace accounts. I did not see the point in having one, I did not want my business out on the internet, so I passed on this platform. But my friend decided to make an account for me, I wasn’t mad, but I told her it was a pointless because I am never going to use it. I used it, I was not addicted, but I found it amusing that so many people my age (17-18 years old) were putting a lot of personal information on the internet. I reconnected with old friends and family members, I like it. During my first semester of college, my cousin told me to join Facebook, he told me it was better than Myspace (he did not join the  Myspace wave), only college students use it. I did not want to join, I was already on MySpace, I didn’t need another platform to connect with people. By the end of my first semester, I received a text with my Facebook, log in information, yes my cousin decided to make an account for me and used the most unflattering picture of me. Facebook had a more professional look than MySpace and since I was starting college, I knew it would be best to transition to this platform. I became an avid “Facebooker”, viewing friend’s profiles, following brands that I love, and connecting with students at my college. I gave Facebook two thumbs up!

Now I had a MySpace, Facebook, and I made Linkedn just to post my resume. Aim became something that I used to know, I never used Aim  after high school. Soon enough other social platform caught my attention, Twitter, many of my friends were not on it so I knew I would not be receiving a text with my log in information for my new account. I heard mixed reviews about social platform, but I decided to join, yes, I did all on my own! At first I started following different Google accounts (I LOVE Google), brands that I loved, people who worked for companies I wanted to work for and the few friends I knew that Twitter accounts. I fell in love with Twitter, the instant news I received and the relationships I have developed! I was addicted to Twitter. I would meet many people through twitter chats and I even found my mentor through Twitter! After seeing the connections I made through Twitter, I decided to use my other social media platforms to advance my future. During this time I was working, going to school, interning, and doing freelance projects. I had a lot on my plate, but I still wanted to understand social media strategies brands used and use different social media platforms to my advantage. I got an internship through Facebook and got a client through Linkedn. At this point I became a lover of social media and I would defend the use of it when people spoke badly about it, yes it is that serious.

Upon graduating college, I landed an internship that transitioned into a job as the Social Media Director of a boutique marketing agency. I was excited to start my career  doing something that I loved!  My fascination with social media continues to grow and “Social Media Day” being the same day as my date of birth(June 30) is no coincidence. There are always new social media platforms being created and I am infusing myself with all that I can. I want readers of this blog to start using social media to advance their own careers, there is much to learn and many people to connect with.  Why not take advantage of this easy opportunity? SocialChants will provide you with content on the latest social media platforms, ways to advance your career using social media and of course social media fun. Connect with me, let’s chat!

Chat to you soon,



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