Happy New Year!


Image Source: solution4computer.com

2012 is officially behind us! The new year is the beginning of a clean slate for most, a time to start and forget about the past. While others see the first of the year as just another day. The phrase “New Year, New Me”, may be overused because many do tend to forget their  resolutions by the second week of January, but I challenge everyone to set and execute your personal goals. Try to set weekly or even daily goals, see what you can accomplish. Don’t let your past failed attempts at executing resolutions stop you from making them this year. I post some of my daily goals on my social media accounts, I feel obligated to accomplish them since I made the social community aware of my goals. Two of my goals:

1) Wake up an extra hour early

2) Start a 30 minute work out routine 

Even if you do not believe in setting New Year resolutions, do set weekly or daily goals for yourself. Write them down, cross them off when you have completed the goals. Start your year or day off right! 


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